17. September 2020, Točka preloma, RTV


GeoCodis presented its work with satellite images on the broadcast Točka preloma. The topic of broadcast was Slovenia in the Space. You can watch the entire programme on the RTV website.


MLEO (Machine Learning for Earth Observation) is a web tool for analysing satellite images using machine learning technology. We invite you to watch a short presentation video.

DevReach 2019

20. – 24. October 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

In October we attended DevReach, one of the leading development conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. Lectures were about Web, Mobile, Smarter Apps, Processes, Design / UX, Tools / Frameworks and Career Skills. The conference presents guidelines for development of new technologies that we want to follow and use in the development of our solutions. It is also an opportunity to establish new professional contacts and opportunities.

GeoCodis International 2019

30. September – 3. October 2019, Slovenia and Croatia

At the beginning of autumn, we organized an international meeting with our business partners with whom we are already cooperating or we intend to cooperate in the future. In addition to business talks, we also did some sightseeing of Slovenia and Croatia.

Phi-Week 2019

9. – 13. September 2019, ESA – ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy

The European Space Agency (ESA) organized a Phi Week at ESRIN (Frascati) in September. The event was focused on EO Open Science and FutureEO – to review the latest developments in Open Science trends.

We attended this event and also participated in the final presentation of the CEOIS (Customized Earth Observertion-based Information Services) project, where we, together with our partners, presented the project to interested experts at ESA.


2. – 7. June 2019, Nairobi, Kenya

In beginning of June Geocodis visited Nairobi to train Ministry of Water and Sanitation staff. A training plan, together with corresponding manuals was prepared for further sustainable maintenance of the water sector reforms portal, information management system and website.


11. April 2019, Kranj, Slovenia

Business meeting and the 5th anniversary of GeoCodi began with presentations of the company’s novelties and achievements and it ended with breakfast, debating and socializing.


25. – 29. March 2019, Washington DC, USA

In March, we participated in the Land and Poverty Conference: Catalysing Innovation, organized by the World Bank in Washington DC. Together with ZRC SAZU, we presented the CEOIS project funded by the European Space Agency. The purpose of the project is to accelerate the use of Earth Observation services in African projects, financed by the World Bank.


26. – 29. November 2018, Akra, Ghana

In November 2018, we participated in the business forum Slovenia – Ghana, held in Akra. We have joined the economic and state delegation. There were Slovene companies and more than 60 Ghanaian companies and institutions. GeoCodis introduced its solutions, which are successfully implemented in East African countries. It was a way to gain experience, contacts and start long-term cooperation with more countries in Africa.


29. – 31. October 2018, Kigali, Rwanda

Last day in October 2018 GeoCodis and it partners presented final version of WatSan MIS software to all stakeholders. The meeting took place at the Ministry of Infrastructure in Kigali, Rwanda. Our next step now is to integrate some final comments into final solution and prepare everything for users training that will take place in Kigali in three weeks.


27. – 29. October 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

GeoCodis visited  Nairobi for the second time in a few months to be present at the meeting at the Ministry for Water and Sanitation. Successful project needs also closer and personal contacts with all participants that cannot be replaces with remote communication. Our Kenya project is continuing.


18. – 21. September 2018, Samara, Russia

In September 2018, a Russian Slovenian business forum was held in Samara and Togliatti, Russia. It was organized by the Spirit Slovenia agency together with the government of the Samara region and the Slovenian-Russian business club. During the visit, GeoCodis presented its activities in the field of remote sensing, spatial analysis and international activities in Africa. The future will show if we have also made the first step in cooperation with Russian companies.


19. – 25. August 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

In August 2018 GeoCodis team visited  Nairobi where a new challenge is open under larger project for supporting water sector reforms communication and staff inductions at Ministry for water and sanitation. Our tasks are to develop interactive web base information portal and staff management system.


14. and 15. May 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia


At the International Africa Day 2018 conference we presented our work to representatives of delegations from several African countries and got acquainted with the new possibilities of mutual cooperation. We got to know some projects that other Slovenian companies have on this continent. And we also participated in the organization of a professional excursion, attended by more than 30 guests from Africa.


24. April 2018, Kranj, Slovenia

On Tuesday 24.4.2018 we successfully carried out a business event entitled GeoCodis – Spatial Data Analysis between Slovenia and Africa. Together with our partners, we presented various activities in the field of satellite landing, cooperation with the European Space Agency and presentation of some of the projects that we are running in Slovenia and Africa. We also enjoyed the tasting of some African dishes.



22. – 25. January 2018, Kampala, Uganda

We also used business trip to the equator to overview progress and potential continuation of  UPMIS, Utility Performance Monitoring and Information System. We are pleased  to see progress, which was partly done with our help.



13. – 19. January 2018, Kigali, Rwanda

In January GeoCodis started with development of Management information system for water supply, sanitation and hygiene sector in Rwanda. First of all we had to become familiar with situation among different stakeholders and on the field.

where is water?

Where is water is web page that provides information about water coverage for all European countries and a significant area of Africa with a frequency of 3-5 days. The ground resolution of the data is 10 metres.


November 22 – 24, 2017, Noordwijk, Netherlands

At the end of November 2017 GeoCodis participated on a training course for business cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA). We visited  the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) where is ESA’s main technology development and test centre for spacecraft and space technology. It is situated in Noordwijk, South Holland, in the western Netherlands.


November 13 – 14, 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

DevReach is one of the premier developer conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. It is intended for IT professionals engaged or interested in application development. Topics of the lectures were the development of .NET, front-end development and JavaScript, mobile application development, tools and best practices for developers. Attendance at technical conferences, such as DevReachis very important for us. It represents guidelines for development of new technologies that we want to follow and use in the development of solutions. It is also an opportunity to establish new professional contacts and opportunities.


November 3 -5, 2017, Poland

We were among more than 1100 developers from Central Europe who in the start of November attended phpCE conference in Poland. The speakers, among them were the likes of Sebastian Bergmann (PHPUnit) and Derick Rethans (MongoDB, Xdebug), were mainly focused on topics such as (automated) testing, software architecture and general tips & tricks for keeping the codebase in healthy, maintainable state. We’re looking forward to incorporate some of the new knowledge into our ongoing and future projects.


September 25 – 28, 2017, Frascati (Rome), Italy

At the end of September GeoCodis team was attending the  European Space Agency  OE Open Science 2017 Conference at ERSIN, which is ESA centre for Earth Observation located in Frascati near Rome, Italy. Last year we presented our project of a portal for detection of water bodies named This year conference was great opportunity for technical discussions and preparations for our first ESA founded project. Of course we also established a lot of new contacts and gained information about remote sensing activities in Europe and worldwide.


September 26 – 28 , 2017, Berlin, Germany

From 26th until 28th of September, there was in Berlin a big yearly exhibition and conference called InterGeo with the leading phrase: “Together Stronger”. That was a unique opportunity for us to overview progress made in measurement technologies and solutions used on field, but also in the space. Events like this makes us ascertained that our company’s goal follows a good direction but also helps us to calibrate our future orientation on the market.