March 22, 2022

Water Bussiness Forum – Water Week
22th of March 2022, Dubai

Globally more and more people come across water scarcity or at least quality water scarcity. Many people do not have access to water in their households or even near their home. Another problem that is gaining on it’s significance is irrational use of water all over the world. With the development of different technologies and innovations we have now, more than ever before, the possibility to make a difference. Water is not only the source of life but is also the the important part of transport, energy production and economy in general. EXPO is a platform and an event where many people from all over the world have a chance to meet, receive information and exchange ideas. Geocodis was also one of the participants that introduced themselves and their ambitious vision: clean, drinkable water for every household.

source: https://virtualexpodubai.com/listen-watch/events/water-business-forum