Where is Water 2020

January 20, 2021

January 2021

We have added a new layer to the VodaKje.si portal, which shows the presence of water in the entire territory of Slovenia in 2020. The layer shows the sum of all areas in which water was detected. Dark blue shades show areas with a frequent presence of water, and light blue with a lower frequency. We have had such maps since 2015. Above you can see some more interesting examples (Cerknica and Planinsko polje, Pomurje, Sečovlje Salina and Zelenci).

The application has been upgraded since the end of last year with information on water levels and flows from nearby hydrological stations. The data were obtained from publicly available sources of the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. Data from hydrological stations are shown in a graph, where all detected water events within individual areas are recorded. Areas can be defined by each user as desired.

In case you are interested in more about the VodaKje.si portal, please contact us.